Find Your Creativity

(3 minute read, 12 minute watch)

What is the most crucial factor for future success? 

Armed with this inquiry, IBM, the multinational technology and consulting corporation, set out across the world to pose it to the Chief Executive Officers of over 1,500 companies. This survey, conducted in 2010, was completed through in-person interviews in 60 countries across 33 industries.

The defining result was that over any other company mindset, creativity was considered most crucial in navigating the increasingly complex world of business.   


 Other significant findings from this survey were: 

  • top performing organizations were 54% more likely to make rapid decisions
  • forming a closer relationship with customers was identified as 95% of the top performing companies' most important initiative going forward

Instilling creativity throughout a corporation from the front lines to the C-suite is so crucial because it leads to innovation, problem-solving and customer service, to name a few.  

For further information on this study please see the press release here


Creativity plays a part in all aspects of life, but most often people in specific business sectors or positions don't feel that they are creative. I have long admired my fellow TED colleague, David Kelley, and his thinking on the topic of creativity. Some years ago he founded IDEO, the international design and consulting firm out of Palo Alto, a mecca of creativity. A few years back, David spoke about a different view on creativity in his TED Talk, How to build your creative confidence

From his view, everyone can be creative, but often students or employees are classified only as "practical" or "creative". A needed change is for people to realize that they can be both"practical" and "creative". See the video for tips on how to build creative confidence. - Steve Beshara