We help courageous leaders and teams realize their dreams and uncover their sources of greatness.

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Our story began in 1997 when Steve Beshara—an artist, designer and entrepreneur—placed all his chips on starting a new design communications firm in Atlanta. But we quickly realized that we were inspired by work that could create greater impact. 


We enhanced our offerings to include business strategy, management consulting, and innovative product design for a diverse portfolio of companies and organizations.

We created CEO communication platforms and artifacts for Fortune 50 companies addressing their most important audiences. 

We joined a classic turnaround opportunity in the manufacturing sector, created internal teams, and led marketing and product design and development. We helped take the company public, realize unprecedented growth and engineer its acquisition.

We helped a healthcare company prepare for and successfully conduct their IPO by ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange.

We have worked along side foundations, think tanks, philanthropists and charities to broaden our reach and impact. 

And today, after 20 years, we continue to seek out new challenges that face courageous leaders and organizations today.


We are one part brand consultancy, one part design firm, one part strategy firm. We’re a unique combination of advisory, creative services and know how. We’re hard to categorize, no doubt, and we see that as our strength.

We’re tireless thinkers, optimists, and makers, united in our fight for greatness—a movement more than 20 years in the making.

We invite you to call us for a conversation and begin unlocking a new era of growth.

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