Prime Now


Amazon has recently added Atlanta to its list of cities to pilot its newest offering: Amazon Prime NOW. 

We had to test out if they could deliver on their promise. The promise is this: Order daily essentials through the app and receive them in 1 hour for a delivery charge of $7.99 or in 2 hours with no delivery charge. 

Test 1

We ordered a pack of manila folders and two copies of a book. 


Amazing. Absolutely amazing. That was our initial reaction upon the arrival of our order a mere 28 minutes after is was placed. And during peak Atlanta traffic time. 

Promise: 1 hour delivery 

Delivery: Exceeded 

Test 2

This time we ordered insulated coffee cups and another book. 


Hmm. Disappointing. We were notified by customer service at 4:45 pm - nearly 5 hours after that day that the Atlanta dispatch was experiencing technical difficulties. We cancelled the order, but still it arrived the next day.

Now, keeping in mind that this is a brand new offering that is still working out the kinks and piloting in various test cities. However, our expectations were set so high after the first delivery that we couldn't help but be disappointed at the handling of our second order.  

Promise: 2 hour delivery 

Delivery: Failed

This was a test to see if Amazon could deliver on a big brand promise. If a brand doesn't deliver on the promise - its quite simple - the brand ends up nullifying the equity and goodwill built up to that point. So, even though Amazon Prime NOW is one for two right now, we can understand that it is still working through the kinks and we are impressed that they were able to demonstrate exceeding their promise at least once. 

We look forward to using the service again in the future and in the meantime, we will be watching for their drones flying overhead.