Mealtime: Solved

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Tovala Pre-Prepared Meals

Tovala Pre-Prepared Meals

Shopping for groceries, prepping meals, and cooking? Ain’t nobody got time for that. And eating out can get expensive and unhealthy. So what have people been turning to? Meal kits like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, some of which are good, but there’s a tradeoff with quality of food or convenience depending on the service. This is a problem.

Don’t fret, however, because there is a tech-fueled innovative solution. Picture fresh, healthy, responsibly sourced, flavorful pre-prepared meals delivered to your home that can be cooked in 20 minutes or less in a compact smart oven. This is the story of Tovala


While co-founder David Rabie was in grad school, he wasn’t eating well because he didn’t have time to cook healthy meals at home. Deciding this was a problem he wanted to solve, the idea for Tovala was born. Rabie envisioned a smart oven that can steam, bake, or broil fresh, pre-prepared meals that are flavorful and healthy.


After a pre-seed round, the team participated in Y combinator in January 2016, followed by a Kickstarter for the Tovala smart oven in April. With Kickstarter, a seed round, and post-seed round they were able to build 3,000 smart ovens and fund the entire food production system. They began delivery of ovens and Tovala meals in May 2017. 

Kitchen technology hasn't changed much in 50 years. Until now. We’ve automated traditional cooking and created a healthy, delicious meal service to make it easier for you to eat better.

We bought the oven. We’ve tested Tovala ourselves and we can tell you this: It’s the easiest meal subscription that delivers on quality & taste. We get three single-serve meals delivered to the office each week and every meal that we’ve tried so far has been interesting, unique, and full of flavor. There is no prep, the process to cook is super simple, and there are no dishes to clean afterwards. See our experience below:

We’re fans of our experience with the oven & meal service. Vista’s Haley McClure says, "As someone who has tried to love cooking but often feels stressed about what I can make that is healthy, easy, and flavorful during a hectic workweek, I love that Tovala checks the box on all 3."

Tovala has seen early stage success for one simple reason: their innovative technology makes people’s lives better by solving the problem of quick & easy, quality, healthy meals made at home. It’s truly an A to Z solution. No compromises. Have they caused you to #RethinkHomeCooking? 

Want to learn more about the Tovala oven? The Wall Street Journal got more info on the tech aspect of the oven in this podcast.