We Are All Storytellers

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The captivating opening scene in Disney/Pixar's “UP” tells the Story of a Couple from the start of their marriage to the passing of one partner. Told in under 5 minutes without dialogue.

How do humans naturally connect and build relationships with each other? Through storytelling. Sharing past histories, experiences, and tales allows us insight into who someone is and what they’re about. The same is true when you introduce a brand to the marketplace and strive for differentiation and customer loyalty—storytelling is the best way to cement that connection between brand and consumer.  

We are all storytellers. That’s what the story wizards at Pixar believe. There is a difference, however, between a good story and a great story. The animation studio behind the films UpFinding NemoMonsters, Inc., and Toy Story has teamed up with Khan Academy to create a free, 6-lesson course on the art of telling a great story. Although the class focuses on storytelling through the lens of film, the lessons taught can be great inspiration for sharing the story of your brand.


As an example, one of the lessons focuses on how Pixar utilizes visual language in their storytelling. “Perspective, color, and shape can all be used to support a story by guiding the audience to see and feel certain things.” The same applies when developing a logo, graphic standards, the website look/feel, advertisements, etc. Colors communicate different things from security to excitement, while the design of a website can convey the overall purpose of a brand.


Check out The Art of Storytelling presented by Khan Academy and learn how to take your stories and your brand to the next level.  

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