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It’s one of this year’s buzzwords. But what does it mean? In general is refers to being present in the moment and to focus thinking on one thing. Today it’s a source of pride to constantly be juggling thoughts and tasks throughout the day. And as great as people might think they are at multitasking, studies show that it decreases productivity to jump from one task to another in short bursts. Focusing on one task for an extended period of time, however, allows for deeper thoughts and therefore, deeper insights.

At work, there are several different techniques that people use to achieve mindfulness from meditation to turning their cell phone to do not disturb mode. It’s important to remember here that the ultimate goal of mindfulness is to reach a relaxed, but alert state.  

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One of the best benefits of mindfulness is that is greatly reduces stress. And a big source of stress for everyone is work, no matter your profession. Here are some tips on how to practice mindfulness while on the job:

Hide your phone.

Merely having your phone in sight, even if it’s not buzzing with notifications, is enough to distract you from tough tasks.



Do someone a five-minute favor.

Volunteering helps people connect, which aids in recovering from stress. You can apply this at work by getting a cup of coffee for someone who is having a bad day. Spot a need, and for five minutes, be the one to fill it. 

Disappear for a bit. 

Take a 10-min daily walk and think about anything but work. Instead, listen to a podcast, make a phone call, grab a coffee, walk with a friend to chat, or do walking meditation. 


End the day like you mean it. 

Once you sign off for the day, resist the urge to check email. A 2016 study found that if people think they should be reachable after work, they feel less in control and have more of the stress hormone cortisol.


Just like learning an instrument, learning to implement mindfulness takes practice. You’re literally rewiring your brain. Figure out when it fits best in your routine and practice everyday. Remember, the ultimate goal is to reach a relaxed, but alert state, ready for the day ahead.