Now This is Cool

(1 minute read, 6 minute watch)

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is hosted in France each summer to recognize and celebrate the best of creativity in brand communication. 

A few years back, in 2013, they added a new award category called INNOVATION LIONS, which “honour the technology and innovation which facilitates creativity.” We were amazed at these videos from the 2016 winners and wanted to share based on their ability to convey messages with such emotional power in such a brief slice of time. We hope you enjoy these stars. 

This first video highlights the technology at Lockheed Martin that is moving towards travel to Mars, while at the same time sparking wonder and curiosity in the generation who might go there. Using a moving school bus for a mobile, group VR experience, school kids were taken on a “field trip to Mars.” 

The second video features Saltwater Brewery and its efforts to make the world a more sustainable place. Hoping to spark an industry-wide revolution, Saltwater developed an innovation in the six pack rings that end up in our oceans and harm sea life every year. 

Finally, a sector of the population has been left out of advances in communication technology—until now. Dot is the first smartwatch that utilizes Braille to communicate to its visually-impaired users.

We hope these videos leave you feeling inspired and creatively energized. If interested in seeing more, the complete listing of the award-winners can be viewed here.