Creating with Stars

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AdAge recently released their list of 2016's most influential innovators, called Creativity 50. These 50 individuals come from several diverse industries, but "each of their stories is a testament to the power of creativity and risk-taking to change the game for the better." We hope that they will inspire your creativity and plant seeds where growth is desired. We've highlighted four individuals below (click the image for their story) whose stories stand out. You can follow the link at the bottom for the full list of the Creativity 50. 

Barry Jenkins - Writer, Director, Moonlight

"Having taken the film-festival circuit by storm, Moonlight has been praised for its authenticity, with critics and viewers championing it as something rarely, if ever, seen on-screen." 

Duffer Brothers - Writers, Directors

"Stranger Things has captivated audiences and has become the ultimate example in word-of-mouth marketing." 

Ryan Reynolds - Actor, Producer, Renegade Marketer

"Throughout the film, he went all-out embracing [Deadpool]'s penchant for breaking the third wall--and took that 'tude to the extreme in the film's stellar marketing too.”


James Corden - Comedian, TV Host

"Mr. Corden took over CBS's The Late Late Show in March 2015, turning the talk show from a home for insomniacs to a mainstream hit, thanks to segments that have become viral video gold."

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