Spring Into Hygge

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By: Rachael Pesch

Winter may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack away your hygge mindset with the seasonal decorations. Hygge (here’s a refresher on the Danish concept) is suitable for any type of weather. Especially when spring seems to be taking its time to arrive (looking at you 2018). There are tons of ways to shake off the cobwebs from winter, lighten your mood, and encourage well-being and coziness in your day. 

Spring cleaning. 

The first step of spring hygge is to declutter. Take some time to tidy up and refresh your home with lighter decor—both in fabric and color. Switch out heavy bed sheets for knit ones. Faux fur blankets for a lighter throw. Put away dark pillows and bring out some with a floral pattern or colors. Then don’t forget to deep clean. Chances are you spent a lot of time indoors during winter. Now’s the time to start fresh.


Open the windows. 

When the weather hits that Goldilocks range—above 55 and below 70 degrees—open up your windows. Not only will it let in fresh air and push out the stale winter air, but it will also let in more light. Find a spot near the window and listen to the cheerful sounds of nature.



Bring nature inside. 

The best part of spring? The earth is waking up and everything is blooming. You don’t have to watch it happen from behind your windows—bring some nature inside. Cut fresh flowers and arrange them in a vase. Pot a house plant (or two or three!) for improved air quality. Plus watering your plants each morning can become part of your daily routine.



Change out the candles. 

This hygge staple doesn’t go away with the changing season. The warm, soft light of candles brings a coziness to your space that is delightful any time of the year. The only thing to change is scent (if you prefer scented candles). Opt for floral, herb, or citrus scents. 


Plan a potluck picnic. 

Grab some friends and a few blankets and head to the park for a picnic. It can be simple and uncomplicated. Ask everyone to bring a dish (homemade or not) to share and enjoy the sunshine and company.


Try incorporating spring hygge to your workday as well. Add a small succulent to your desk for a bit of green. Bake something and bring it to the office to share. Clean out your desk and organize your supplies. Take a walk around the block. 

Presence and mental well-being are tough to make time for, but as hygge has proven, it can be simple and well-worth the investment, no matter the time of year. 

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