Cooking Up a Story

(1 minute read, 3-minute watch)

More and more we see examples of how storytelling is necessary for a company or brand. It is what creates interest and allows for personal connection. Storytelling in this sense doesn't even need to be the literal use of words to paint a picture. It can be anything - video, art, dance, even cooking.

Atlanta chef Kevin Gillespie of Gunshow and Revival tells the story of his background and his passions through his recipes and restaurants.


From his great grandmother's influences (warm banana pudding) to his love for pork (chili slaw dogs), Kevin Gillespie's stories come through in the food that he prepares. 

Stories can be an authentic way to communicate your brand's values and beliefs, as well as the history that makes the company what it is. At a time when authenticity is vital, storytelling through any medium is a great communication tool to utilize.

What story will you tell?

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