Theory of Simplicity

(1 minute read)


You most likely have heard one of us at Vista recite this quote from Albert Einstein. Although Einstein was referring to theoretical physics when he said this, it has universal applications and has become a mantra of sorts for us. Whether you are building a start-up company, creating a website, or generating brand messaging, Albert had it right - the less complex, the better.

Being one of the most photographed people of his time, there are many famous photos of Einstein, both portrait and candid. Steve Beshara treasures a framed photo of the physics genius that hangs in his office (see below). The picture was taken at Einstein's home in Princeton, NJ in 1938 by Lotte Jacobi. She was able to photograph Albert Einstein on five separate occasions, including this one on an assignment for Life Magazine. This photo serves as a reminder to follow Albert Einstein's lead - keep it simple. 


Simply put, we think he had it right - there is something to simplicity.