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The U.S. healthcare system is going through a radical reinvention, especially in recent times as technology continues to disrupt and replace old behaviors. Vista Growth has worked closely with several leadership teams in the healthcare industry, including Greenway Health. With this experience has brought many insights about the industry including the best application of marketing, branding, and growth plans to healthcare companies. 

Twice this past year, Steve Beshara was "on the air" to speak about growth strategies and its place within the healthcare sector as a guest on Justin Barnes' This Just In radio program on HealthcareNOW Radio. Justin Barnes is a healthcare innovation executive, strategist, and health information technology (HIT) advisor and covers topics such as strategy and innovations impacting healthcare, technology, the latest trends, and even entrepreneurialism in America on his show. 

On August 10th (28:53) Steve discussed branding and marketing strategies with Justin. 


Returning for a 1-hour special on November 2nd (55:25), Steve and Justin covered corporate growth and branding best practices, as well as the changing landscape in healthcare. 


The expertise that Steve shared on This Just In is just a portion of his background that is instrumental in driving and delivering Vista's core product, the Vista Brand Roadmap. In addition to working with the healthcare industry, Steve and the Vista teams have served many industries including real estate, technology, education, and early-stage companies.

For more marketing and branding insights from Steve, listen to the full radio pieces here:

 August 10th

November 2nd

Learn about the Vista Brand Roadmap here:

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