Start Me Up


In the past month, I have indicated how important telling the brand story is for a company. How a thoughtfully crafted story should come before developing a "system" for growth. Vista's website has an entire section devoted to telling our growth stories. The TurboChef Growth Story was such an interesting opportunity, we decided to move the Vista team inside for 5 years. See why.

The  invisible hand of capitalism sweeps away weak companies and favors strong ones. The system also loves a turnaround story where companies that become weak regain their footing and establish a new chapter of growth and greatness.This is TurboChef's story.

In Fall 2003, TurboChef was on the brink of extinction. The company was not making payroll. Debt was mounting. And existing management was struggling to keep the organization afloat. What TurboChef did have was a collection of nearly 300 patents centered around breakthrough speed cooking technologies. Building on that innovative foundation, Vista served as the internal brand and marketing team in concert with a team of talented professionals to turn the company around, unlock its potential, and create a brand and business from the ground up.

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