JUN 8, 2016

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Every year since 1995, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers releases her report on trends for the Internet. Her global and US-focused presentation provides an insight into the past year and where the trends are expected to go in the year ahead. You can view some of the points from her 2015 report in our Insights post, The Future of the Internet.

This year in her presentation deck, she focused on topics from shifts in global GDP to generational preferences. We’ve summed up a few of her most interesting points below. If interested in a deeper dive, see the charts and more detailed explanations below that. Enjoy.

  • China & emerging Asian countries account for the majority of the global gross domestic product. 
  • Adoption of Internet advertising is accelerating at a speed fast than that of radio or television, with mobile advertising providing the most growth. 
  • Video is next in line to become king. 
  • Millennials are globally minded, optimistic, tolerant, single, diverse, and urban. 


 Deeper dive:

The global GDP growth has shifted since 1987, making way for China + emerging Asian countries to account for 63% of the total world Gross Domestic Product (totaled at $114 trillion) in 2015. Leaders in the global internet market are mostly US and China-based and the top 20 have a market value of about $3 trillion. 


Advertising in the U.S. is seeing a shift from conventional methods like radio and TV to the Internet, which is accelerating 20% Y/Y, with mobile advertising providing the most growth. Meeker points out that in 2015 there was a $22 billion unrealized opportunity for ad spend on mobile.


Internet advertising as of now is lead by Google with nearly $30 billion in revenue in 2015, followed by Facebook with about $7.5 billion. 


Millennials born between 1981 and 1996 are more globally minded, optimistic and tolerant than former generations.  They are also more single, diverse and urban during peak adult years aged 18-33. Millennials are most engaged by Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat - all visual communication apps. 


Image growth is still strong among social media platforms, however, user-shared videos have shown up as a new trend in the past 6 months, making way for more advertising opportunity. 

All together, these points speak of continued disruptive technology effecting the growth of the global economy, market leaders and the interaction of businesses with their customers. 



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