JUN 10, 2015

We believe so. Churchill once said that the further forward one wants to see into the future, the further one must look to the past. Today, using trending data can give shape to markets and be an accurate bellwether for future predictions.

Thirty-five million to over 2.8 billion; that is the worldwide growth of Internet Users since 1995. Venture capital firm KPCB's Mary Meeker recently published her highly-anticipated annual Internet Trends Report where she details the future path of the Internet. It's an excellent read.

Although a great deep dive study, "The Future of the Internet" is nearly 200 pages. So for those interested, but short on time, we have selected a few data points from Meeker's report that we found astonishing. See our five highlights below. And click here for the FULL REPORT.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 5.09.33 PM.png

As a country, the US Household has increased spending on a bloated healthcare system by 11% and decreased spending on education by 6% over the course of one year. Neither of these trends will lead to a future stabilized economy. 

The United States and China serve as the top countries with Internet-focused market leaders. Seven of the top 10 companies are based on the US West Coast. And Apple is the only company that appeared on this same list in 1995.

Internet usage has grown tremendously since 1995. China and other Asian countries lead the way in population penetration for internet users. US users, by percentage, has had the most dramatic decline - dropping from 61% to 10%.

Mobile usage has sky-rocketed over 20 years from 1% to 73% population penetration. 

The work structure is changing and growing along with more digital platform usage.