Sometimes it's difficult to see where the best opportunities for growth lie. Understanding your brands, their audiences, market segments, and demographics are all essential elements in knowing how to go to market and where to spend your resources.


Growth had stagnated. The corporate brand and its product brands were marketing to a market segment populated by single men seeking good times. It seems quite obvious with a brand named Bubba. However, when the Vista team uncovered buying trends through research and analytics, we discovered something surprising. Working women secretly loved the product because of its superior thermal capacity - keeping drinks hot or cold for an entire work day. They were loyal but not evangelical. 

Armed with this new knowledge, brand leadership committed to two bold growth steps: conduct weekly focus group sessions with female buyers to deeply understand what they want, and redesign the product line to include colors, shapes and features that are perfectly aligned with this feedback.

It worked. Bubba grew. And grew. In 2014, Newell Rubbermaid acquired Bubba Brands for $83 million. Hats off to their entire team.