AUG 5, 2015

(1-2 minute read by Kevin Sandlin)

Our friend and client, Kevin Gillespie, opened his second restaurant last week. We attended the opening night event, and afterwards asked the other guests what they thought about their evening at Revival. We captured the event in pictures as well. For your enjoyment, here are the guests’ reactions to various stages of the evening. 


"Maybe because it's so humble physically, so understated you don't expect it." 


"I have been to other 'New South' cuisine-based restaurants, so I know the drill, they often get you on pure bacon fat, which there was no lack of here, but somehow it felt even more original or innovative or fresh?"


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.57.52 PM.png


"The kale salad experience was a refreshing, mouthwatering event."



"The fried chicken brought back memories of camping and hiking with the family."



"It's not your grandma's creamed corn!"


"And I know that Mac and Cheese is an easy pass, but I loved that it was as buttery and cheesy, just right. YUM!"


"I loved my pork steak, the chicken was spectacular, but that meatloaf was really memorable, and Lord that kale salad, I have dreams about it!"



"The poundcake was to die for."


"The attentiveness of the staff blew me away. I guess it shouldn't have because it is the same attention to detail and service that you experience at Gunshow."


And from Chef Gillespie himself -

On the side dishes: "People overlook what's beautiful about Southern cuisine. I really like the side dishes more than anything else. That's what I crave. When I crave "Southern food", I would just eat side dishes and be happy about it."

On soft openings: "It's not just so that we can practice cooking - it's so we can practice being a restaurant."



Chef Gillespie falls squarely into our definition of a Courageous Leader, and he is intentionally challenging himself to be the best in the industry, right here in Atlanta.